About Us: Our Mission

The World’s Window’s mission has always been to be “a high-quality retail store that is people and performance oriented providing a successful contact point between producers and consumers enhancing the lives of both.”

missionSo, how do we do that? For starters: “We will be a successful family-owned and managed business offering our customers access to products and services which are superior to those offered by other resources. We will seek out fair trade products and earth sustaining products whenever possible.”

It has never been enough just to buy and sell items. World’s Window has always emphasized buying products that support sustainability - for the crafts persons and for our world. With these wonderful products come stories of the artisans and the cultures in which they live. Jan and Lonnie value these stories as a way to connect customers with the artisans who make the products. Spiritual icons and religious objects from many cultures and religious traditions are respectfully presented at World’s Window.

However, staff at World’s Window are our most valuable asset. World’s Window is built on relationships and the ability to connect with our customers. We can have wonderful products, but if our commitment to our customers doesn’t come through in our interactions, it doesn’t make any difference how eco-friendly, sustainable or interesting our products are. Because we value interactions, we love to have customers visit us in-store so we can meet you and help you personally.

The World’s Window Staff Manual lists the points of measurement we use to stay true to our goal:

1. Humane - We will offer goods and services that enhance human life, beauty and the future. We will expect our vendors and suppliers to do the same.

2. Creative - We will value the creativity of the human mind and experience. The products we offer and the services we provide should be a reflection of and supportive of a creative spirit. With enthusiasm we will embrace change and will always seek paths through obstacles to achieve our mission.

3. Connected - Our products and services will be presented in ways to connect artists or producers and their stories and special features with our customers.

4. Value - We will offer a high degree of value in our products and our services. Our environment will be one of excellence in performance. Together we will achieve adequate long-term growth in order to assure the continued viability of the business.

5. Honesty - We will seek to be honest and straight-forward in everything we do and to treat other people as we would like to be treated.