Black Lives Matter. On listening, supporting and acting.

Black Lives Matter. On listening, supporting and acting.

Like so many other companies and organizations, we've spent the last two weeks watching, listening, and reflecting on the state of our city and our country, and our place in all of it. The mission of our store has always been to be a bridge and connection point between world artisans and our customers, a place where "the creativity of human mind, spirit, and experience is celebrated every day."

We believe Black Lives Matter. We stand in support of racial justice throughout the world. And we want to help elevate Black voices. We want to listen carefully. Our actions are important and our participation is vital. But this is also our time to listen, learn, and support the wisdom and experience of Black voices.

We are posting these words:

Listen with respect
Listen with love
Listen for change

Act with respect
Act with love
Act for change

Black Lives Matter. A new blog from World's Window on supporting Black voices and acting for change