Blog: A Letter to Our Customers in the Midst of a Crisis

A Letter to Our Customers in the Midst of a Crisis

In the midst of this health crisis, we are reminded of what truly counts in our lives - our health and the safety of our families, friends and customers. We hope you are well, weathering out this difficult time and finding connections with those important in your life.

We, of course, miss seeing you. I miss seeing my staff right now. But we are making the best choices we can possibly make each day so that soon we'll open our doors, let in fresh air and welcome you back.

We're glad we can now bring our "world" to you in the best, safest, easiest way possible. With our new on-line store, you can shop at your leisure and we'll quickly mail packages to you. If you live fairly close to our store, we're even glad to deliver your package to your front porch to save postage.

We THANK YOU for your continued support, especially during these weeks. YOU are an important part of what makes World's Window so special! For this week - reach out to the people you love, be kind to each other, and we'll see what tomorrow brings.