Blog: Blessing Rings and Ripples

Blessing Rings and Ripples

Jan's Anniversary Blog #3 

Drop a pebble into water and the rings start their gentle journey to distances unknown. It might be an endless ripple as far as your eye can see. It might be a short distance to the shore. It might be against a wall and then you start to see them returning to you.
Ripples in Water headed to shore 

When you drop the pebbles in, you don’t know how far they will reach and what they might touch along the way. Or what will interrupt their journey and yet not stop them as the ripples reverse course for a new direction.
It’s one of the reasons I love to stand at the edge of water and then step in. The mere act of placing my foot can start the liquid journey and I can watch its progress.
Feet in the water making ripples
And so it has been with our World’s Window journey. We have often stepped into new adventures – new products, new events, new staff, new displays. What is most wonderful is all those who have stepped in with us – new staff, new vendors, and, of course, our customers. And each of you who have stepped into our “pool” have sent forth your own ripples. And together that has made World’s Window the wonderful place that it is. 
Those concentric circles. And all the other circles in our lives that encircle us, but also let us reach out into the world. For that, we have been wonderfully blessed and we thank you for being a part of World’s Window.
Concentric circle ripples