Blog: Bring the Children

Bring the Children

- A Day of the Dead blog by Lonnie Buerge

For my Day of the Dead box, I decided to celebrate the children of the world that have died in their attempt to escape the violence of war. They and their cultures have a lot to tell us. I have included several images that I hope help communicate my intent. There are pieces of art from throughout the world included. There is a jar of sand reminding us of the beaches on which they die. There is the sun and the moon that watch over their journeys and their deaths. There is an angel that cannot protect them all. There are broken, jagged edges that are still beautiful but, in fact, are no long intact pieces. There is a bell that is silent and has quit ringing. 

Come with me to the table 
of peace and let us bring our 
children to sit beside us 
and their children behind them. 
Come with me to the table 
of peace and we will sit in the 
midst of the bloody bodies 
and the parts of bodies 
and the crumbled walls and 
the gaping ceilings. 
Let us talk of what we wish for 
as we hold the hands of our children. 
We will not blow the dust away 
from our table of peace. 
Instead we will let all our children draw in it 
with their fingers that are still intact 
and they will draw what they wish for 
and where they want us to go. 
And we may follow them or we may 
blow them up but they will be with us 
in this hour of our greatest hope and chance 
or our hour of total depravity. 
Come, sit with me and my children and 
you and your children 
and let them draw 
in the dust of our follies.
Lonnie's Dia de Los Muertos Memory Box at World's Window, Day of the Dead