Blog: Celebrating International Women's Day at World's Window

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On Sunday, March 8, International Women's Day was celebrated around the world. Conferences and gatherings continue throughout this week as especially world leaders, especially women, continue the struggle to "Step It Up" for gender equality. 

 In this 20th anniversary of the land-mark conference on women in Beijing where a goal was set for 50/50 equality by 2030, best minds are working together on the ways to keep moving forward with this all-important goal. 
 We remember and are thankful for the women and men who are holding this goal out to the world and working to make it happen, including so many of our vendor companies and organizations who employ and empower women each and every day.
Women in India celebrating the creativity and strength of women

It's one of the reasons we celebrated women of the world as a part of our St. Pat's parade entry this year.
World's Window St. Patrick's Parade entry celebrating women around the world