Blog: Changing with The Year of the Snake

From Jan: The year of the Black Water Snake is predicted to be a somewhat changeable year . . . Generally Snake years are not calm years, with the possibility (and history) of tragedies, turmoil and even war if differences cannot be resolved . . . Snake years require preparation, contemplation and much reflection. The Snake moves slowly and deliberately and stays calm and happy if not provoked. But watch out as the Snake will lash out if attacked or cornered.

Such were some of the phrases I found while searching for (I had hoped) words similar to those for the dragon last year: "potential to breathe life-shaping fire, to be magical." I wanted to start this year with the similar grand feeling of power and change we had as we headed into our major remodeling project this time last year.

Thank goodness I then found other sites predicting The Year of Snake will be wealthy and peaceful. And that there will be many chances for all people to succeed in their professional lives, with the only-a-little-daunting caveat, however, that only those that are smart and hard-working will be prosperous. (Reminder to self.) Our 2013 snake year is likely to be a time of steady progress, in contrast to the more turbulent nature of the outgoing dragon year.

A calm Snake, with it's shedding skin, can be a symbol of change, renewal and hope for a better future. It's a good time to take slow and steady steps. To clear out the excess so you see clearly the best direction.

OK, I can go with that. So, ssssnake year. Here we come. We will try to find and keep a balance - the balance between love and work - the balance between over-thinking things too much and not thinking them through enough. We'll clear the clutter to more clearly see the way through.

And it will be a great year. I predict it.
 2013 - The Year of the Snake