Blog: Envisioning This Holiday Season

From Jan: Welcome to the season of many different holidays. So much to celebrate and enjoy. Lights and sparkle. Laughter and contemplative moments. Hustle and bustle and drop-in-the-chair exhaustion. I often joke that on October 1st we take a deep breath and then don't really let it all out until December 31st. Let me tell you, sometimes that last little breath of exhale doesn't have much depth. What causes us to stop or at least slow down and inhale with a smile? Seeing so many of our customers enter our door happily thinking of family and friends and what fun gifts they are waiting to discover this holiday time.

What makes a holiday a holiday? A name on a calendar? Time off from work or school? The food? The gatherings? The traditions? The trips? It's no doubt all this and so much more.

So, how do you envision your holidays? Cozy? Eclectic? Artsy? Romantic? Avant-garde? Green? Funky? Our staff has taken on the challenge of both coming up with visioning words and then searching the store and gathering up great gifts that fit their vision. With their creative input, our front windows will help you envision your perfect holidays - with lots of gift, home decor & amazing apparel ideas. We hope our ideas for this holiday time will add joy and meaning to this month of celebrations.

We are delighted to have any part in helping make your holidays exciting but relaxing and joyful. We hope we'll see you numerous times during the holiday season. We'll greet you warmly and share warm drinks. We'll shop with you and decorate your gifts. We'll gladly listen to your holiday stories as you move through this wonderful month. And, we promise, we will pause and breathe as together we Envision the holidays together.

Wishing you joy this season and all year through.