Blog: Exploring, Discovering and Re-connecting

In early August Lonnie and I traveled to Las Vegas to check out the "up and coming" expanding gift market. Nestled in among the large furniture and home decor showrooms and the showrooms of huge gift companies, were smaller gift and import companies. And we also explored other gift and jewelry shows showing up at the same time. 

As we experience the retirement/closing of numerous companies that have been resources to us for many years, we're always in discovery mode for "what's new" and "who's new." What a delightful surprise to re-connect with some companies 
I haven't seen in quite awhile and also make some new discoveries.

Yes, we have all changed in 20 years or so, but that just gave us more stories to share as we caught up with our friends from AF Designs.
Buying sterling silver jewelry in Las Vegas with AF Designs

Back then their company was called Afghan Friend. I loved the name. One of my first suppliers of tribal jewelry and clothing from Afghanistan, they now produce gorgeous sterling silver and gemstone jewelry in India. We, of course, spent much time finding beautiful pendants, bracelets and earrings to bring back with us.
Discovering, re-connecting, exploring, choosing - it's all part of the "journey" we take to find the unique mixture of clothing, accessories, folk art and home decor that make World's Window so special.