Blog: Jilly


- by Della Valenzuela

"Growing up there was a woman, Helen, in our neighborhood who collected teddy bears. She invited me inside once to see her bears and we had cookies and milk. I hadn’t ever met a grown-up with such a silly side. We had a good time. She was so proud of her bears. Some had names, and she introduced them to me. Many had parts of outfits - a bow tie and shorts or a cute sweater and booties. They made her happy. She was a cool lady.

I remembered Helen the first time I met Jill, it was the same sort of playfulness in an adult you don’t always get to see. Jill came into World’s Window with a beautiful lizard pin on her shirt. We looked at her “critters,” as she carefully brought each one of them out of a shallow tray. The first group we chose was colorful animal pins and free standing rhinos, polar bears, and elephants. They made me happy. They had personalities and were made with care and love.

Customers immediately responded with smiles. Choosing the right pin is a difficult decision. What color way? What animal speaks to you? Do you need a larger piece to make a statement, or something small and understated? Jill always brings an assortment and it is fun to see where her creativity has taken her.

My personal favorites are her “girlz.” These are the ladies with attitude and names to match. You can wear them or they can perch on their stands and just hang around your dresser.

Over the years Jill and I have become friends. We always greet each other with a giant hug and it is always great to see her. She has an infectious laugh and a bright genuine smile. She loves her creations and is so delighted to share them here. She is another member of the World’s Window family - a local, a maker, a wonderful person, a cool lady, an artist, and a kid at heart."