Blog: Joy


- by Della Valenzuela


Joy. Defined as the following: "a feeling of great pleasure and happiness." Ok, what does that mean? First I thought about early love. That is a "great pleasure and happiness." Unknown and crazy. Pure and untidy. Real and open.

My husband and I were in the car recently and a song came on the radio. I listened to every note, every word, every nuance. When it was over, I turned to him and said, "early in our time together you played that song for me on a cassette tape and I thought it was the best song I'd every heard. It's funny in the state I was in (great pleasure and happiness) it could have been a band called, "Nails on a Chalkboard" and I would have hummed along smiling. He looked at me sweetly and said, "I was there, I remember."

When you are with an old friend and the laughing is so strong and infectious that you can hardly catch your breath, that's joy. Sometimes when I take a walk and the birds are singing and the green is overwhelming and my mind is in a place of just calmness, that is a joy.

My son can walk into the room and say something only he and I could make sense of, and that brings joy to me. The dog comes close looking for a head rub, and then looks into my eyes like I am a queen - joy at it's finest.

It's one amazing bite, or a good hair day, or clean toilet. If you can find joy everyday, in something, in everything, how lucky you are.

We created, together with 5B Candles, a scent that captures the smells that are World's Window. We call it our Joy candle. It is the incense, the soaps, the folk art, the clothing dyes from places near and far.

All of those things make us who we are. All of those things bring folks back to the joy of shopping here and the experiences it brings. We aspire to be a place that gives a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. We aspire to be more than just a clothing store, or just a gift store.

We want to bring joy.
Joy Candles at World's Window custom scented and made by 5B@Co Candlemakers in Kansas City, Missouri