Blog: Of Wonder, Hopes and Wishes - from Della

Welcome to the season of lights and music and celebrations. Of wonder and hopes and wishes. Each holiday season we work hard to offer gift choices that "fit" - a person, a budget, a cause, a tradition.

For many years we have featured our world-wide folk art nativities in our holiday front windows. To stop and look brings a gasp and wide eyes to the youngest and the oldest as they gaze at the collection of symbolic and sacred figures - beautiful, sometimes humorous, often endearing. We love this tradition we have brought to Brookside and that many await in anticipation for the unveiling. A packed window of customs, variety, sizes, textures.

We also carefully choose a variety of menorahs, mezuzah, dreidels and candles to find the perfect fit for Chanukah celebrations. For each night of the festival of lights we have many, many gifts, large and small.

The holidays are a special time. From the eyes of a child, the twinkling lights and the wrapped gifts bring glee that is hard to create the rest of the year. Holidays are about love, shared time, giving, cute wrapping paper, curiosity, ham, lights, traditions, decorating, fun, cookies, plans and parties. A silent calm that I often feel as I drive to my family's house on Christmas Eve, sometimes with snow falling, makes me thrilled to be all the things I am, and I stop for a moment and feel content.

We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the commercialness of the holiday. Yes, World's Window is a commercial enterprise. But we invite you to come, walk through the store, search and discover, ask for help if needed, have a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie, choose gifts that have meaning, a different slant - and a new gentle approach to the holiday. We will happily wrap the gifts for you with gift wrap donations going to Habitat for Humanity as they have for so many years. We'll wish you a Happy Holiday and let you go along your way to celebrate with those closest to you.

(written with love by Della, our wonderful manager)

Come celebrate with us!