Blog: Remembering Every Day

Remembering Every Day

- A Day of the Dead blog - Donna Kincaid

Our Day of the Dead display this year includes some mini-altars made by some of us. Della's was first. It was her idea. And she encouraged the rest of us.

Donna used flowers and some traditional Loteria cards that were meaningful along with pictures of her parents.
Dia de Los Muertos memory box by Donna at World's Window in Kansas City, Missouri
"The pictures in my box are of my parents. The first one is of my father at Coronado Beach while he was in Navy during World War II. He joined the day after Pearl Harbor. The next one is early in my parents' marriage and the last one is of my mother as a young working woman looking pretty in hat and coat she got with her own money. I have them in my entry so that I see them every day as I come and go from my house."