Blog: Taking Inventory of My Year

(Written earlier and now shared by Della. E-mail your list to us. We'd love to hear from you!)

As 2011 comes to a close, I begin to take inventory of this year and what I have done, or not done.

I made it thru, plus one point.
My basement still looks like "Hoarders", minus one point.
My kid smiles most of the time, plus one point.
My husband smiles some of the time, plus half a point.
The strange stain in my car still remains the same, minus one point.
The dogs were walked a lot in the spring, but haven't been walked for a least a month, break even point.
I made important choices, plus.
I didn't hurt anyone intentionally, plus.
I cleaned the dryer lint filter regularly, plus.
My go to stress reliever is still a beer, minus one point. (I think it should be yoga),
I laughed a lot, plus.
I cried less, plus.
I helped make others succeed, plus.
I didn't wear sunscreen always, minus.
Everyone has clean underwear in my house, plus.
I do the best I can, plus.
My job is fulfilling and my role is important and gives me pride, plus.
I haven't stopped cussing, minus.
I am optimistic about each day, plus.
I gained weight, minus.
I cleaned the dust off the treadmill, plus.
I listened to a lot of disco, not sure, plus or minus.
I re-introduced leggings into my wardrobe, again not sure, plus or minus.
I learned that sometimes a girl must wear a flower in her hair, plus.
I made an altar with friends, and created a meaningful art exhibit, plus.
I looked at the world as a whole, not just my small microcosm, plus.
I helped make a difference at Rose Brooks with fund raising, time and effort, plus.
I began writing again, plus.
I didn't change the world, minus.
I didn't stop a war, minus.
I didn't try out for "American Idol", plus.
I look forward to 2012, plus.