Blog: Thoughts on Living in Happiness: Self-Reflection

Thoughts on Living in Happiness: Self-Reflection

- by Della Valenzuela

"My life is full of giving. My 19 year old son needs me to give him all my patience (daily :-). My husband, needs support and admiration (hourly :-). The aging folks in my life need me to go slow, listen, and help. My crew at work needs clarity, praise, a friend, a guide, and kindness. My dogs need ear scratching and daily walks. The bills, the dinners, the laundry all ask of me.

This used to overwhelm me, and sometimes it still does, but, as I have drifted into my fifties, I have come into a place of awareness. I am aware that I need to be centered, before I am good for anyone. I need to listen and give to myself, or all that giving to others makes me feel taken for granted or used up. I am aware that my happiness is not an option, but a reality that has to be front and center.

So I read, I steal away at a corner table and journal at some quiet restaurant all alone, I sing to the dogs as I make dinner, and I am making an effort to go to the gym and focus on my wellness. I think about what makes me smile and do that without guilt. I prioritize me time/happy time. And because of that, I am a better mom, wife, boss, friend – because I am a better me.

Join us for a month long adventure in Happiness Hours: Monday thru Friday from 4 - 6 pm for the 4 full weeks of March. We will enjoy and share some of what brings happiness into each of our lives and we can all use all the happiness we can get!"

Affirmations on Self-Reflection