Blog: Tina Blatter "Sees" and Creates a World of Color and Beauty

Tina Blatter "Sees" and Creates a World of Color and Beauty

- by Della Valenzuela

"Can you make art without seeing it? What if the urge to make art was so intense that the fact you couldn't see it didn't matter? You feel it. You own it. It compels you. That's what I know about Tina Blatter. Her work uses all the senses.

Tina makes beautiful scarves. I saw them first and I loved them. Then I met her. Tina is visually impaired and also has suffered from a brain injury that put her love of making art on hold for a long time. She is a survivor. She is strong. She knows her limits, embraces them, and then exceeds anything you would guess she could do. She is kind. She ALWAYS says something nice to me. ALWAYS. Tina loves color. I haven't asked her directly, but I think that is what she sees. That is always what she wants for herself - to dress in the beautiful colors we offer.

Tina Blatter chooses colors for her painting or fabric dyeing even though legally blind

I get busy and Tina shows up. I go to greet her and then everything else falls away because with her it's always in the moment. She is real. We talk scarves and colors. Her pieces are built with love. The silk is chosen to take the dye the most vibrantly. The dye colors are harmonious with the colors of the season. She irons each one after it dries. Each tag, printed with her logo and also provided in braille, is included to make her product unique and inclusive. It is an honor to have her scarves at World's Window.

Tina Blatter shibori tie-dyed scarf Kansas City Missouri

Tina will join us Saturday morning, August 4, 2018, from 10:00 - 1:00 as a part of Brookside Market Days. She is planning on bringing some examples of her dyeing process. She will also bring her greeting cards to showcase. Her scarves will be available at 20% off for the entire month of August. If you get a chance, meeting Tina is a pleasure; she is a true artist with a passion for creating."