Blog: We'd Rather Wear It Than Pitch It!

We'd Rather Wear It Than Pitch It!

- by Della Valenzuela

"   Jan and I discovered a small company a number of years ago at a clothing show. This young company was filled with excitement about what was an innovative approach to making clothing. We saw displays that showed how the fabric was woven out of pre-consumer cotton scraps from commercial apparel and textile facilities and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Such an amazing opportunity to use 100% recycled materials to make a difference and create ethical fashion. We fell in love and placed our first order. 

  Over the years, we met Mark, the owner, numerous times and his energetic,lovely wife, Richie. To date, they've reused over 20,000 lbs of post-consumer plastic bottles and 20,000 lbs of pre-consumer cotton scraps. They have become green certified and PETA approved vegan.
How does LUR make their one hundred percent recycled fabric fashions   They have also made a difference to the women and their families in the most impoverished and isolated region in the world, Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala. Not only providing work for (mostly) women in Santa Cruz, but also offering extensive training in order to become skilled workers for other endeavors, as well. In 2016 they provided over 16, 250 hours of vocational training.
LUR clothing provides vocational training and uses one hundred percent recycled materials to create fashions 
   Mark is proud to pay fair wages and uphold health and safety standards in the factory. “Lur is women’s apparel for those who believe in a better world. A world where honesty, transparency, and sustainability reign. A world where your clothes are made well, look great and endure.” 
 Wear It Forward!" 
New LUR Spring fashions just arrived at World's Window in Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri