Blog: What is World's Window? (musings on a store about to turn 35)

What is World's Window? (musings on a store about to turn 35)

Boho, bohemian, hippie, vintage, and eclectic – these are all words that have described World’s Window. We love being included in so many styles that come and go and come again, like the newer “Jungalow” style that is embracing pops of world art, design and inspiration. But we are all that and more.

Years ago (and I do mean YEARS ago) we used the term “urban tribal person” to describe our customers – living in the city, finding our own “tribes” and creating new “stories” yet embracing the colors and patterns of the cultures and peoples of our world. The heart of our store has always been about creating a space “where the creativity of human mind, spirit and experience is celebrated every day.”

So what does that mean? It of course includes finding artisan-made folk art and merchandise, both newly-made items that create sustainability for communities and vintage items that tell stories of places and peoples. It is celebrating hand-made beauty made into everyday household objects, religious and ritual items that have helped people feel connected and purposeful, and art that incorporates ancient techniques with new styles. It is celebrating fair trade and the knowledge we are always better together. It is celebrating the stories that are a part of every maker, every culture and every hand-made item. It is celebrating the re-using and re-purposing of throw-aways and the embracing of the reality that earth’s resources, including its peoples, are not expandable.

Our clothing lines celebrate our customers’ individuality and sense of style and their appreciation for colors, patterns and textures that connect us in the layers of our world experiences. Tee shirt basics join jackets fashioned with repurposed vintage textiles or prints inspired by ancient cultures. Styles are chosen to fit all body shapes and sizes because that’s who we all are! We want our customers to wear what inspires them and makes their eyes sparkle with excitement.

Our “creative lifestyle store” has been about helping customers find clothing and items that are not about decorating or fashion “rules” but about filling their lives with inspiration and connection. In our World’s Window “selfies” we want to sense the layers of the world around us and that we are never an island. Our glances in the mirrors and around our homes can remind us of our world family.

Above all, it’s about soul. Soul created by makers and handcrafters and storytellers and customers and our staff that share a heart-beat as we celebrate together.

Years ago, an article about World’s Window was entitled “A Store Without Borders”. Without borders in our world. Without borders in how we dress. Without borders in how we decorate our spaces. Without borders in how we can embrace the creativity of human mind, spirit and experience every day.

Embracing the world – it’s a World’s Window thing.

Jan Buerge, owner of World's Window in Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri