Blog: What's In Your Bag

What's In Your Bag

- by Della Valenzuela

"There was a game show in the afternoons growing up called, "Let's Make a Deal." The premise was deal making. People dressed up as crazy as they could, like chickens, or they would cover themselves in grapes, but I also remember a lot of overalls. The craziest would get chosen by Monty Hall and then they got to pick a door, 1, 2 or 3, and win the prize behind that door. Sometimes a car, sometimes a 3 piece sectional, often times a donkey. (The seventies were a strange time).

The part I liked was at the end when Monty would go into the audience and call out some random item. A blue pen, a shoe shine kit, a hair comb, a picture of your dog….and then the people would dig in their bags and hopefully they would have brought this item to the show. Monty would gift them a crisp $100.00 bill for bringing the correct thing in their bag.

When I was a mother of a little one I would have to bring a bag of gear with us wherever we went. Of course; diapers and wipes. a change of clothes, baby powder, sunscreen and bottles and food. As that kid got older we brought with us different things - toys, snacks, band-aids, drinks, candy, CD's, blankets and books. It was a little like that game show, what will I need? What if he throws up? What if he decides he hates Cherrios? What if it is windy, or cold, or hot, or sunny, or boring? I needed to be prepared.

We are giving away bags, as a promotion for BKS Market Days. I started thinking about bags…maybe too much about bags. I went from a place of what do you carry, to what do you need to carry. My son needs very little these days that I would carry for him. (He's 17, so that is as literal and as deep as you can make it). So I started thinking about me. What do I need to carry? Keys, some money or a debit card, sunglasses, lipstick for that moment when I might be on TV. These are the things I need to physically get through my day.

What I wish I had at all times in my bag, are the following: a smile, a kind word, patience, my wits, compassion, humor, empathy, a deep breath, love, understanding, a listening ear, a slow down button, a voice, good memories, intuition, admiration, giggles, freedom, strength and a super power. Those are the things I NEED to mentally get through my day. Those are the things we could all stick in our bags and use when needed. I wish I could be Monty Hall. I would call out, "Who has some empathy in their bag?" And everyone would dig in unison and find it and wave it above their heads in the air and everyone could get a crisp $100.00 bill."