Blog: Why Rocks and Cairns for our 30th Anniversary?

The greatest joy of having World’s Window for these 30 years has been the amazing journey of it all. The people we’ve met. The stories we’ve heard. The changes and challenges and celebrations we’ve experienced along the way. The twists and turns and climbs and stumbles. The valleys and mountaintops.

Hiking has been a favorite activity for our family, especially in the mountains. We’ve often experienced rock cairns along paths, especially in places where the path disappears or is harder to find for a time. Sometimes on either side of rivers we needed to cross. And especially at the tops of mountains in celebration or perhaps in memory of someone or some event.

Cairns. Those stacks of stones, usually from larger at the bottom to smaller at the top. They help you know where you’re going. They say, “I’ve been here and this is a good direction.” Lack of one might tell you to turn around or to keep looking until you know where to turn next.
A rock cairn - helping point the way for 30 years at World's Window

The perfect imagery for the journey we’ve been on for these 30 years.

When the rock cairns we carry in our store arrive, they come with a wonderful little descriptive tag that says: “. . .Because these stacked up stones called cairns often point the way home, they represent safety, hope, and friendship as well as staying on the right path. The stones also add a sort of meditation to our hectic life styles and help us remember the balance our inner life style requires.”

Our rock cairns: You and everyone who has been a part of World’s Window for 30 years.