Blog: Happy Birthday Brookside!

Happy Birthday Brookside!

- by Della Valenzuela

"100 years ago is a long time. Brookside is celebrating its 100th birthday. 100 years ago the ground was broken. Bread was 10 cents at the local grocery. The boys had Lincoln logs and the girls had Raggedy Ann dolls. Folks enjoyed new conveniences like toasters and zippers.

Birth control was starting to be discussed in hushed tones, but there was no right to vote for women or minimum wage for anyone. And no one was drinking (legally), as prohibition had begun. We have come a long way, and Brookside stands strong - still selling bread, zippers, Lincoln logs, and (legal) alcohol!

So we celebrate Brookside and the 100 years! World’s Window has been a part of this neighborhood for over 20 years now. It feels good to be a part of something so special. Brookside has its own vibe. The sun shines a bit brighter. The people walk slower, taking their time to smile at each other and admire their surroundings. It doesn’t feel like big city or little town. The newest trends intermix with nods to days when things were smaller, perhaps easier. We move forward, embracing change, while still staying welcoming and constant.

We have a family parade for St Patrick’s Day with dogs and Shriners and neighbors galore. We host a sweet little holiday open house in the park with hot chocolate and local elementary school children singing with glee. We keep the charm of the past while offering a place that contains excitement as well as many interesting options. With so much of the same out there, Brookside is unique.

And then here we are, World’s Window, uniqueness within uniqueness. We are proud to be here.

So Happy Birthday Brookside! 100 years looks good on you."

Brookside Kansas City Missouri 100 One Hundred Year Celebration 2019