News: Travel Lightly - With Just 6 Items of Clothing

Traveling this summer? Want to travel light? How many outfits can you make out of 6 clothing items (plus a scarf, a belt and several pieces of jewelry) that will take you from the warmest weather to chilly evenings? At World's Window we sent Lanie and Della on an initial hunt for 4 different tops, a skirt and fun crop pants - all varied in colors and patterns. Then came the fun as they mixed and matched all those items and came up with tons of options mixing and matching the various items.

First, here are the 6 items: Tianello Nepal tencel crop pants; Pleats crink tee in a bag; Anu by
natural reversible cotton jacket; Zashi sundress/skirt; Tianello tencel tank, Tulip crinkle cotton top.
 Travel lightly this summer with just 6 items of clothing from World's Window

And here are our 13 favorite outfits.
 Outfits One Through Four for Traveling Lightly this Summer
Outfits Five Through Eight for Traveling Lightly this Summer
Outfits Nine Through Twelve for Traveling Lightly this Summer

And, finally - ditch the suitcase all together and layer on every piece in a super-fun mix of colors and patterns. (Hint - the pink Pleats top has been "rolled" into the neck scarf) Then pack your accessories into your purse or backpack along with some sundries and undies and you are GOOD TO GO!
Travel with just 6 items of clothing this summer and layer them all on at once

Now you try it. Mix and match. Keep it Light. Happy Travels!