News: Why Is A Quilt Being Pieced Together In a Brookside Boutique?

This week a sewing machine has been humming in the middle of World’s Window, the eclectic world folk art and clothing boutique in Brookside. During pauses in regular retail “busy-ness,” staff have perched at a table to cut quilt squares. Customers stop by to ask about the project at hand and share their own stories of making, collecting or receiving gifts of quilts.

The quilt in process is being pieced at World’s Window for a raffle with all proceeds going to Rose Brooks Center ( is external)), a comprehensive domestic violence agency. Starting Monday, Oct. 7, raffle tickets will be sold for $10 each at World’s Window on behalf of Rose Brooks Center. Ticket sales will culminate with a Grand Finale Party on Thursday, Nov. 7 from 6 - 8 p.m. at World’s Window and a drawing for the hand-made quilt and other prizes.
World's Window Staff Cutting Quilt Squares for Rose Brooks Center Raffle

Being “repurposed” from tencel fabric samples from the made-in-the-USA Tianello clothing company ( is external)), a main clothing line for World’s Window, the quilt will be queen-sized. Jan Buerge, owner of World’s Window, has been saving up the fabric samples for years, and the Tianello company also supplied an additional box of samples. Jan’s sister, Judy Hartzler, is sewing the blocks together, and the quilt will be knotted and finished by the staff during the week of Oct. 7 and then displayed at World’s Window through Nov. 7.

The quilt is part of the World’s Window fall “Blanketed with Warmth” fund-raiser for Rose Brooks Center, which also includes their annual new and gently-used coat drive. Coat donations will start being accepted on Monday, Oct. 7.

For more information and pictures, or to make arrangements to watch the sewing, contact Jan Buerge at World’s Window, 816-361-2500 or sends e-mail).