What's The Story? Soft, Furry Alpaca Buddies

Tucked onto our shelves amongst other gifts for children 
Alpaca Bear
are the softest, fuzziest, most huggable stuffed animals. Coming from Puno, Peru, these handmade adorable furry friends are made from especially soft and squeezable Alpaca wool. Each is one-of-a-kind with unique patterns and personality like the alpacas themselves. Hypoallergenic and amazingly soft, they make very special companions or exceptional gifts.
   Alpacas belong to the same camel family as lamas, but alpacas are smaller and have short noses and ears, and their fur is much softer than lamas. 
Alpaca faces
    Alpacas were  domesticated by the Incas more than 6,000 years ago  and raised for their exquisite fleece. Due to its quality and all of its superhero characteristics, alpaca fiber was reserved exclusively for the elite and nobility.
   Cuteness break:  Alpacas make good pets and this little girl and her pet alpaca are just the cutest!
Little Girl and Alpaca
   Over thousands of years, Alpaca fleece has evolved into a thermal regulator of sorts. The wool creates pockets of microscopic space with the ability to hold air inside, heating via the animal's body warmth, or insulating against the heat of the sun. Their fleece creates the perfect coat for the alpaca's environment, becoming a natural barrier to keep cold air from getting to the skin at night, and in the heat of the day, keeping them comfortably cool. Thanks to their perfectly evolved fleece, alpacas keep comfortable and safe no matter the climate change, allowing them to never get too hot or too cold.
Alpaca and Woman
The Company:
   Shupaca Alpaca products are crafted by a variety of artisan groups within the indigenous communities of the Andes Mountain region of South America. They  are committed to supporting the social and economic advancement of the artisans & their families in these small communities through fair wages and direct incentives. Shupaca offers high-quality designs and unique products that you are guaranteed to fall in love with! They are a family-owned, dedicated brand with a focus on making a difference!
Map PunoPeru Day72
Fun Facts:      
    In southern Peru, 2 hours south of Cuzco is an astonishingly beautiful rainbow colored mountain known by the locals as "Montaña de Siete Colores" meaning "mountain of seven colors". In Quechua, the language of the Peruvian Andes, Rainbow Mountain is called Vinicunca and is an important holy and spiritual site. Until the past decade, the mountain was covered in snow, with its stripes hidden under glaciers. As local temperatures have increased due to climate change, the snow has melted, revealing the colorful mountain beneath. Each of 14 colors is caused by a specific combination of mineral deposits. The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain is generally between April and October.
Destination:   Puno, Peru    
    Puno is a small city located on the shore of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, situated at about 12,500 above sea level, in south-eastern Peru. Puno has been named the "Capital Folklórica del Perú" (folkloric capital of Peru) from the wealth of its artistic and cultural traditions. Llamas, sheep and alpacas can be seen roaming the plains surrounding Puno.