What's The Story? Kei & Molly Dish Towels and More

      Kei and Molly Textiles was begun in 2010 as an artisan printing studio to create good jobs for immigrants and refugees in their community. Today, with a staff of 10 women from around the world, they create folk-inspired, hand-printed goods, especially dish towels, that provide old-world charm - with a modern twist!
     The goods are designed by Kei & Molly and printed in-house.  Their best selling flour sack dish towels have gained a loyal following because they actually work - they’re super absorbent and don’t leave lint on your glassware! They also print on compostable sponge cloths, heavy canvas tote bags, and more.
     Being environmental stewards is very important to Kei & Molly and their team. Their studio uses only water-based, eco-friendly inks to minimize our impact on the environment. Their product line is made using only 100% natural fibers. Waste fabric from production is often recycled into community projects and they now meet most of our electrical needs through a new solar panel system! Their growing social enterprise aims to create beautiful, functional art, while our staff remind us how we are all connected in our humanity. As a team, we hope to build success greater than mere profits.
     Located near the International District of Albuquerque, New Mexico, they 
continue to be committed to creating good jobs for immigrants and refugees in their community. Both Molly and Kei identify as immigrants. Molly is Swiss and Kei is Japanese, and each speak several languages. 
   Their neighborhood is one of the city's most culturally vibrant and diverse, though still steeped in poverty. Kei and Molly aim to serve as an economic engine for this area, providing work, skills, and support for those looking to build a better life for themselves and their families.
   The outside of Kei & Molly Textiles is a celebration of color and cultures, both highly valued by this socially-conscious company.  It is only a brief introduction to the liveliness that happens inside.