What's The Story? Telephone Wire Baskets from South Africa

   Welcome to the heart of ZwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where over 850  Zulu artisans weave colorful and vibrant telephone wire baskets. 
   As a part of the BRIDGE for Africa Fair Trade program, artisans can buy telephone wire on credit and then work from home at their own chosen pace. 
   Each basket is woven around familiar shapes such as a tuna fish can or metal pot. 
   Prior to the launch of this wire weaving project, unemployment in the region stood at nearly 80%. 
   Begun in 2003 after a  chance meeting of 2 women, an African and an American, BRIDGE for Africa was founded as a Fair Trade organization. BRIDGE guarantees fair wages, equal opportunities, safe working conditions, and long-term relationships built on mutual respect.
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   Telephone Wire Art as an art form represents an extraordinary blend of tradition, vibrancy and the beauty of modern Africa. 
South Africa
Fun Fact:  South Africa is full of record-breaking animals.
   It's where you'll find the largest land mammal (elephant), the largest bird (ostrich), the tallest animal (giraffe), the largest fish (whale shark), the largest reptile (leatherback turtle), the fastest land mammal (cheetah) and the largest antelope (eland).
Destination:  ZwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
   Known as the Kingdom of the Zulu, KwaZulu Natal is a melting pot of African, European and Indian cultures. This province boasts two World Heritage Sites, the  iSimangaliso Wetland Park  and the majestic  Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park . It is located in north-eastern South Africa in-between Swaziland and Lesotho.