Bolga Basket -  Market Shopper - Coco Mix

Bolga Basket - Market Shopper - Coco Mix

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Artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave this beautiful oversize basket from natural strands of thick, tough elephant grass. Chocolate brown leather wraps and reinforces the handle. This amply sized basket makes a statement wherever it is displayed.

Bolga baskets are perhaps the most iconic of handmade African baskets, so it's no surprise that they are loved and well-used in homes everywhere. Talented weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana, apply their skill to turn stiff stalks of elephant grass into these beautiful works of functional art.

Approx. Size: 20x15x17 

Colors: Coco Brown/Kelly Green/Red Stripe. Due to the photography of this basket, there are some variations in color.

NOTE: We ship Bolga baskets in two ways. We can fit more FLATTENED baskets into a box, saving you on shipping costs. Or, we can SHAPE your baskets before they ship. If you do not indicate during checkout that you wish for us to SHAPE your baskets, they will arrive flattened. You can shape your basket by wetting the straw and shaping the basket with your hands, then allowing it to dry.

For in-store pick-up, please make that request in "Notes" and we will refund the shipping amount.