flying frog cradle guardian bali indonesia

Flying Frog

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This whimsical flying guardian or cradle protector is hand-crafted in Bali. Albesia wood, a sustainable fast growing wood, is hand carved & hand painted and detailed with a motif based on traditional designs.

The Flying Winged Spirit Guardians (sometimes called "Cradle Guardians" when hung over baby beds) myth goes all the way back ancient roots of Balinese culture and art. These Guardian figures are still produced by Balinese artisans today for they have deep cultural & spiritual significance. Typically these carvings have been used in temples or homes since ancient times to ward off evil spirits. They are always hung in a high spot, or if a statue placed on a beam or shelf looking down towards a door or window. Many types may be found from flying angels (known as "Dewi" which means "Goddess" in Balinese), animals or strange hybrids, such as head of a horse head & tail of a fish. It is believed that a Flying Guardian placed in one's home or sacred space will drive away evil spirits and protect the premises from harm.

Size Large, approx.