Tree of Enchantment Glass Ball - Mindfulness - 6"

Tree of Enchantment Glass Ball - Mindfulness - 6"

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Being in the present moment can often be hard with the many thoughts, worries and distractions that surround us. The Tree of Mindfulness reminds us to slow down and savour the essence of the moment and the environment around us, for who knows what joy and peace we may discover.

Please be advised that this Tree has accents of white that may not be easily visible in the stock photo.

Like trees in a forest, no two are alike, with a special sentiment for each theme. Enjoy the magic of the seasons or give the gift of inspiration with these unique glass ornaments, ready to give in a gift box.

  •  Materials: 100% hand blown recycled glass
  •  Care: Wipe gently with damp cloth
  •  Each ornament comes in a gift box with a tag describing the characteristics of the   sentiment.
  •  Designed with hanging loop. Can be hung indoors or outdoors
  •  Due to the handmade nature of this product, no two ornaments are alike; colors   and designs may vary
  •  Made in Canada
  •  Dimension: 6"